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everything is more beautiful because we're doomed
space to breathe
15th-Jan-2012 06:54 pm - New year, new me.
Arthur/Gwen: Love after war
The time has come. It's been a lovely last half decade, sugar-kisses06, but it's time for a change. Thanks for everything <3

Join me at my new journal, friends :)


Please note that all graphic-related posts will continue to be available on this journal.
9th-Jan-2012 02:59 am - First fangirly post of 2012
Arthur/Gwen: Love after war
My mother and I have been on a super Merlin binge, we've pretty much been watching/repeating the seasons non-stop since Christmas xD My love for Arwen and this show has been officially been rekindled, so while I'm waiting for my ankle to recover and am at home a little more, you can probably expect a few fangirly picspams before I disappear back into the ballroom world and resume training :3

Love after war...Collapse )
11th-Jan-2011 10:19 am - Merlin Series 2 & 3 Blooper Reel <3
Arthur/Gwen: Love after war

Bradley James, I love you so <3
10th-Jan-2011 11:58 am(no subject)
Arthur/Gwen: Love after war


5th-Jan-2011 03:36 pm - First fangirl post for 2011.
Arthur/Gwen: Love after war

Arthur: I have never loved another.

Merlin 2x10; Sweet Dreams

Arthur and Gwen are everything beautiful and perfect and epic and fairytale-like in this world a love story. <3
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